Bring the Movie Theater Home

Get home theater installation services in Apache Junction or Scottsdale, AZ

Going to the movies is fun in theory, but the crushed popcorn in your seat and the neighbors yelling at the screen can ruin your experience. Why not enjoy movies in the comfort of your own home? ProPixel, LLC offers home theater installation services in Apache Junction and Scottsdale, AZ.

Our team can set up all of the essential elements, from wiring to speakers. You can choose from a basic or closed-circuit TV system. You can even add a multi-room sound system for added impact.

Learn more about home theater installation services now by calling 480-612-2028.

home theater installation services apache junction az

Upgrade your home

Home theaters aren't the only home electronics we install. You can hire us to set up an intercom system, satellite dish or networking telephone. You can simply tell us your home electronics goals, and we'll handle the rest. We also service all of the technology we install. You can keep your home running smoothly with routine maintenance and necessary repairs.

Whether you want a Multi-room sound system or a new TV, you can count on us. Make an appointment for home electronic service with ProPixel in Apache Junction or Scottsdale, AZ today.